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1. How can I obtain a building permit?
2. How long is a build permit good for?
3. How will I know when my building permit is approved?
4. What forms of payment are accepted by the Building Department?
5. What are the Building Department's hours of operation?
6. Where is the Building Department located?
7. What is the Building Department phone number?
8. Does the Building Department have a copy of my plat of survey?
9. Is my property in a flood plain?
10. How do I file a complaint about a property?
11. Does the Village of Fox Lake require a real estate transfer tax or inspection?
12. What hours are construction work allowed?
13. Can a homeowner be their own general contractor?
14. What requirements are needed for a renter to apply for a building permit?
15. What are the requirements for contractors?
16. Do I need a permit for a dumpster?
17. When can I burn yard waste?